Our Dens

Home Office

If you work from home, full or part time, and would prefer a dedicated space where you can concentrate and keep ‘home life’ and ‘work-life’ separate then ask about our bespoke office in the garden. We are able to build fully functional units with internet, power, telephone and our trained carpenters can even build a desk for you!


Want to save membership fees, use a facility as and when you and your family want to in the privacy of your own garden – we can construct, to any specification, an ideal space that can contain your choice of entertainment equipment whilst you train.

Music Studio / Film Room

Enjoy music and film or have family members in a band, our music/film room can be fully sound insulated and fitted complete with power, lights, full wiring for audio or visual equipment. Everything / anything you need for a perfect entertainment retreat.


If you need an extra bedroom, a complete self-contained apartment for regular or occasional use by growing family members or aging parents then we build and install everything needed – a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, all you need for a complete home in the garden.

Man Cave

A ‘get-away’ for the man of the house (with his friends) that can be fitted with a bar, flat screen TV, beer fridge, dart-board and pool-table.

Lady Cave

A ‘get-away’ for the lady of the house (with her friends) that can be fitted with bar, full entertainment equipment, wine fridge, comfortable sofas and pamper items of your choice.

Play Room / Hobby Room

A dedicated space that your children (or you!) can enjoy – gaming stations, full entertainment equipment, any hobby related equipment – all kept separate from your house.

In Addition

We can build Car Ports, Pool Rooms, Traditional Tool Sheds, Storage Facilities & Pet Homes.