Technical Information

Most garden rooms can be designed to fit in your garden without planning permission as they usually fall within permitted development criteria.
We generally keep your dens under 2.5m with a flat roof, as that enables us to utilise your garden space by building within a metre of your property boundary.

Should you have a sufficiently large garden and are able to build your den more than 2m from the boundary then you can build to a maximum height of 4 metres to the top of the ridge.

Additionally we find that talking through your plans with your local planning department is a great way to make sure that you keep within the rules. Of course we are happy to do this on your behalf.

Building Regulations

As a general rule, building regulations will not apply to your den. However should you wish to use your den as a holiday let or residence you will need to comply with current regulations. This involves an inspector from the council making sure the building is built to a standard fit for human habitation.
At Urban Dens we are more then happy to help you on the need for either planning permission or building control and have a wealth of experience in the industry to ensure that no rules are broken. Please call us to discuss your plans so that we are able to guider you properly.